This summer I had the great pleasure of experiencing the Hermés store on Rue de Grenelle in Paris. It is, of course, special for a lot of reasons. The recently renovated interior, a mix of architectural and sculptural beauty, is one of them. What made my heart beat fastest were the saddles – they made me absolutely swoon. Everyone knows the origin of the Hermés heritage lies in the fine carriage and saddlery craft, dedicated to serving European nobles since the early 1800’s. Yet, the saddles I saw in July shattered all prior perception of what comfort and beauty meant in a saddle. On first glance, the obvious uncertainty was if being horse or rider would feel more luxurious. For a few years I have had a name selected for my future beautiful dapple gray Arabian: Chap. Now the real challenge is which saddle will he wear? Glance at the playful possibilities and explore so much more here: