David Koma is a young designer who is serious about an obsession. The focus for his 2010 fall ready-to-wear collection is a sensation of polka-dots a-la the Japanese artist, Yayoi Kusama (whose work is also an obsessive sensation). These polka-dots are of many sizes, colors and configurations – there are even cut-out dots and laser-cut dots of patent leather, felt, and wool embroidered onto a variety of other fabrics. Much of this collection is black with the occasional high voltage shock of primary color in red, blue and yellow. These colors appear in the form of fox fur collars and pom-poms, the later of which is not always a great success. The few pieces I cannot envision wearing are those printed with closely cropped women’s faces by the artist Oleg Dou. While these dresses are a bit disturbing for me, the collection would not have the same brilliant drama without them.