Yinqing Yin Couture 2012, Yinqing Yin, Spring of Nüwa

In case you missed the memo, there is a youthful new force in French haute couture. Her name is Yiqing Yin and she crafts extraordinary ethereal wonders that are part sculpture and part armor, while being ever so fluid, sensual and feminine. In this, her second couture collection title “Spring of Nüwa”, we see her signature layers of loose fabric draped, slashed or formed into mille-feuille billowy marvels. The palette of every striking gray under the sun is every bit as dramatic as the occasional burst of red or flash of blue. She is clearly weaving a fresh “newness” in the couture tradition: “It’s between something very elaborate and modern with draping, but also very anarchic, chaotic almost,” says Yin. “It’s accidental. I am always preserving accidents, because it’s the real space for creative freedom and magic. It’s really the process that counts most, rather than the result.” So glad you joined the fold, Miss Yin…

The BeautifulCurious most desired dress of the Yiqing Yin Couture Collection is:

Yinqing Yin Couture 2012, Yinqing Yin,

Her work will be available this fall at www.modewalk.com