Kate Spade, Kate Spade 2012 swim collection, Mailia Mills, Swan Dive or Cannonball, interactive campaign video, Hailey Gates, Kate Spade blog, behind the curtainWhat is your perfect summer day? Kate Spade literally asks you to choose the one that suits you: your mood (French pop or flamenco), your tune (rock or funk) and how you want to make a splash (swan dive or cannonball)… all the while presenting the 2012 swim collection by Mailia Mills and a few accessories along the way. Titled “Swan Dive or Cannonball?”, the interactive campaign video starring New York girl-about-town Hailey Gates is a clever delight, as is the Kate Spade brand itself. Surely more brands will want to embrace this innovative experience as a tool to curate offerings to an individual consumer or even crowd source looks that consumers desire, while storytelling.

The Kate Spade Swan Dive or Cannonball Interactive Campaign Video along with ring tones from the summer playlist can be found on the Kate Spade blog behind the curtain.

While the below video is not interactive, you can click here to choose your own adventure…