NOWNESS, Fragrance, Mark Borthwick, Maison Martin Margiela, (Untitled) L'Eau
Scent is possibly the most powerful of all the senses. A fragrance can conjure memories of person, place, thing, or time in the space of a moment. With a multitude of media at our disposal, we can create remarkable storytelling for fragrances. Yet sometimes the story is more brilliant than the scent – or visa versa for that matter. Director Mark Borthwick has crafted a fragrance experience outside the norm for Maison Martin Margiela’s fragrance (Untitled) L’Eau. The video is an abstract audio-visual immersion that is true to the olfactive notes that makeup the fragrance itself. Citrus, mimosa flower, and various greens paired with the sounds of birds and running water are all absorbed through the viewpoint of the bottle. The simple honesty of this video is nothing short of sublime. NOWNESS¬†presents the video along with an interview with Mark Borthwick about the film:

Maison Martin Margiela’s (Untitled) L’Eau