Bibhu Mohapatra, Tadashi Shoji, New York Fashion Week, spring 2013 ready-to-wear

Today’s curation begins with a confession: Bibhu Mohapatra‘s collection was so extraordinary, it seemed nothing short of tragic to present only six looks. Kindly pardon the gushing, as you see there are twelve. What inspired Mohapatra’s genius? A Luna Moth he discovered in Cooperstown, New York. The result is a glories series of angular tops, cigarette pants, chiffon skirts and slim-fitting dresses that capture the energy of metamorphosis. A continuous pattern – part butterfly, part shards of glass – materializes in several ways: as bold, colorful print, as metallic embellishment, as angular cutouts, and through the construction of the garments themselves. Mr. Mohapatra is not the only one to have traveled recently. The collection presented by Tadashi Shoji is a journey to three destinations: the breezy coast of California, the caves of Dunhuang in the Gobi Desert, and the ancient Chinese capital of Xi’an. The embroidered sheath dresses, the flowing patchwork print pieces, and pleated ikat-print gowns are respectively inspired by these places. It is a diverse and beautiful collection and certainly covers the range from casual to red carpet. Come spring, there will be some very lucky ladies to find themselves transformed or transported into another world. And on that note, we take our leave for London…

@BeautifulCurio, Twitter, London Fashion Week