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Giambattista Valli, Saint Laurent Paris, YSL, Hedi Slimane, Paris Fashion Week, Spring 2013 RTW

This curation is one of opposites. A collection offering something innocent and fresh with something that is far less so: Giambattista Valli and Saint Laurent Paris. Mr. Valli crafted a series feminine looks with sheer organza, delicate floral details and crystal beading that would make Flora swoon. He also created some severely tailored offerings that counter these ladylike ones, but the most memorable pieces are the sheer dresses or skirts over panties – particularly those with a dropped hem made of non-sheer fabrics. At Saint Laurent the mood shifted to something hard and slightly subversive. The presentation was a paired down, urban goth collection that was quite stunning, despite Hedi Slimane’s overly done antics. At times the hats seemed an unfortunate accessory that transformed otherwise glamourous, flowing dresses into something a bohemian sorceress might wear. It is a shame the garments have nearly been over trumped by so much drama and this curious mind wonders what will become of the YSL legacy…

Alber Elbaz, Lanvin, Peter Copping, Nina Ricci, Paris Fashion Week, Spring 2013 RTW

How wonderful it is to be back in Paris – and what a beautiful welcome it is with the likes of Lanvin and Nina Ricci to fill the fashion soul. It is appropriate to begin with Alber Elbaz, as the Lanvin collection was about “a new start” for him. And that meant going back to the classic beauty of ancient Greece and Rome to present this work of “deconstructed classicism” that had a great purity and glamourous elegance. The asymmetrical garments with the orgami-like belts and bow accents easily make the BeautifulCurious most desired list. Peter Copping is also interested in ties that bind, albeit from a refined dominatrix angle. His offerings are a curious contradiction: do leather bondage harnesses go with demure dresses, cardigans and skirts? Oui, bien sur! Each of the looks have quality and depth that suggests things are nowhere near what they seem. Is she naughty, nice or both? He took a risk with this collection and it is one that is unforgettable.

Olivia Bee, Hermés, Le Monde D'Hermés, Hermes scarves

With this pair of curious eyes focused on the runways, something very special almost escaped my radar and it must not escape yours. Incase you have not seen or heard the buzz of a certain Miss Olivia Bee, welcome to her world. At the ripe age of 18 she has recently been commissioned to shoot the cover and lead editorial for Hermés’ Le Monde D’Hermés Fall 2012 issue. Hermés was so smitten with the work that they asked her to make a film about a prince and princess. It is a representation of her, her brain and scarves are involved. What is so wonderful is that this esteemed, well established luxury brand recognizes creativity as a shared commodity and embraces the beauty of storytelling that exists outside the bounds of the atelier walls. All you need to do now is watch:

Maurizio Pecoraro, Irving Penn, Mark Rothko, Robert Mapplethorpe, Lee Ufan, Milan Fashion Week, Spring 2013 RTW

What is modern minimalism in Milan? Maurizio Pecoraro has a few ideas and has literally made art of them with the help of a few well curated friends: Irving Penn, Mark Rothko, Robert Mapplethorpe, and Lee Ufan. His garmets may seem ultra paired down to basic shapes and forms, but there is a deep intellectual sensuality at play. Particularly in the evening tanks, skirts and dresses that resemble single elongated petals loosely enveloping the wearer as they drip with sequins. It is this fresh, yet smouldering wetness that makes this minimalism, well, so much more…

Alberta Ferretti, Milan Fashion Week, Spring 2013 RTWCiao Milan! On the heels of so much fashion travel (over land and through time), Alberta Ferretti offers a welcomed invitation to dip our toes into an aquatic world of ethereal femininity. Her collection inspired by the watery underworld is profoundly beautiful with illusions of iridescent anemones, lace seaweed, and other delicate sea creatures – all of which seem unaware they are made of fabric and swim through air as if it were liquid. It is exactly this quality that gives merit to showcasing this collection in abundance. Most remarkable are those looks layering sheer organza over beaded or embroidered fabrics. Without doubt, Ferretti’s luminous garments would leave even the most potent Siren of the sea breathless.

London Fashion Week, Mulberry, Winsor and Newton, Erdum, Zenna Henderson, Burberry Prorsum, Christopher Bailey, Burberry

For a final look at London Fashion Week, BeautifulCurious presents a varied curation of floral and fauna, aliens, and a global sensation. We start with Mulberry who went to the rural English countryside with their Winsor and Newton water colors and brought back some shimmery floral (and playful gecko) prints for the catwalk – and a black poodle for good measure. Given the remarkable invitation for the show, this curious mind envisioned garments of a less heavy nature and more viscous fabrics. Still, Mulberry delivered on their theme, as the lovely colors stole the show. Color played a significant role in a very different way at Erdum. The collection was based on humanoid extraterrestrial refugees out of Zenna Henderson’s sci-fi novels and maintained an intriguing tension of “uncomfortable color combinations” and material mind tricks, such as python pretending to be silk. There were many sci-fi infused collections this season, but this one stands apart with it’s prim 1950’s kitch and intellectual prowess. A final, much deserved mention must go to Burberry Prorsum. Just prior to the show, Christopher Bailey declared to the team “People are stopping work to watch… You’ve got to give them a good reason.” And reason they did in a flurry of corsets and capes and marvelous metallics that truly conveyed “a very British glamour”, not just on the runway, but in digital live stream at the recently opened flagship on Regent street and globally on the web. What a luxury indeed to be dressed, entertained and escape with Burberry. Thank you for all of it, London.

London Fashion Week, Spring Summer RTW 2013, David Koma, Matthew Williamson, Holi Festival, Dion Lee

The past, the present and the future – all are covered in the short distance of a London runway. For his collection, David Koma chose to channel tennis’ classic past with a mesmerizing combination of graphic tennis net patterns, playful sheers, and a striking color pallet of white or black with bold orange, green or blue. Sports have rarely been this luxurious or this sexy. Presently, Matthew Williamson celebrates his 15th anniversary and crafted a collection with a nod to his past: his inaugural “Electric Angels”. His signature saturated palette and penchant for embellishment this season was inspired by the Holi Festival in India, where brightly colored powder is enthusiastically tossed among merrymakers. His silk prints directly reflect this revelry as well as epic landscapes, printed from Williamson’s own personal photographs of Kerala and Tibet. Mr. Williamson also premiered his first shoe collection. Dion Lee presented his second London collection which is nothing short of a futuristic sci-fi journey. Garments are engineered with three-dimensional printing techniques involving geothermal mapping, body hot zone abstraction, and some well placed slashing and folding. Sometimes knowing less is more, but the overall effect is a wonderously strange, technical beauty that is out of this world.

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London Fashion Week, Heart of Darkeness, Apocalypse Now, Peter Beard, Todd Lynn, Marcus James, John Rocha, Château la Coste, Mary Katrantzou,

It is a beautiful, melancholy beginning to London Fashion Week with 3 talents to thank for this. On a first note, from a collective inspiration of Heart of Darkeness, Apocalypse Now and the artist Peter Beard, comes a diligent series of impeccably tailored offerings by Todd Lynn. The most notable are his colorfully printed silk pieces, so marvelously decorated by the hands of artist Marcus James. Here exists a captivating tension between the organic washes and the severe silhouettes – they simply smolder with beauty. There were also dark undertones mingling in the romance-gone-wrong theme of John Rocha‘s collection. The location of a glass chapel he is designing in the Château la Coste in the south of France inspired his color palette. Despite the bursts of red, yellow and pink, there was an emotive sense of shattered gloom that is alluring in the crushed silks, layered sheers and veiled lace looks. Finally, there was nothing disappointing in Mary Katrantzou‘s blend of melancholy. Her signature prints referenced stamps and banknotes of past – and possibly lost – cultures and values. Her constructions in this collection appear far less complex in a more paired down, direct marriage of print and form. The prints shimmer, the fabrics flow and the shapes billow with a luminosity that only Mary can procure. And it’s so money…

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DVF, Diane Von Furstenberg, Google, Google Glass, New York Fashion Week

It’s here! Take a look at the much awaited behind-the-scenes film where fashion and technology so beautifully collide on the DVF runway. A great story is captured with this bold collaboration between Diane von Furstenberg and those clever folks at Google, using the new Google Glass. Gaze through the DVF looking glass…

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Mulberry, Mulberry Spring 2013 invitation, Winsor & Newton, Winsor and Newton, @Mulberry_Editor, London Fashion WeekFor their spring 2013 runway presentation, Mulberry doesn’t offer a mere brush with beauty. They intend to wash us away in it… and this curious mind is more than willing. The inspiration for the collection is “celebrating colour and the craft of painting”. Mulberry has primed their audience with all the right touches, starting with the bespoke invitation. It is a customized box containing the show details, a Mulberry branded sketchbook and miniature watercolor paint set from renowned British fine art materials brand Winsor & Newton. Mulberry shares the story of water colour and the innovations William Winsor and Henry Newton contributed to the world of colour on the Mulberry blog. Today they released this beautifully simple video inviting us to watch the show live on September 18th at 10am (GMT) on Meantime, immerse in the colourful world of Mulberry by following their blog and various channels of Twitter @Mulberry_Editor, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube.

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