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Back in October, the launch of artist Greg Lauren’s limited edition fragrance collaboration with Barney’s New York came across the radar. The custom embellishment of fabric, paper and paint is impressive in itself, but having seen the creative journey of the bottle in video “The Making of an Original” left a lasting impression of what bespoke means. Today a dear friend gifted me the fragrance. Beyond the incredibly special scent created with Master Perfumer Ralf Schweiger, I recalled the thought and artfulness that went into crafting something so beautifully memorable.

The limited-edition of 3,000 can be purchased at Barney’s New York.

Brad Pitt, Chanel, Chanel No. 5

Maybe it’s not a journey, but Karl, this little number is beyond puzzling…

I Hate Perfume, Christopher Brosius, CB I Hate Perfume

I Hate Perfume. It’s a provocative statement that also happens to be the name of a niche fragrance house started by Christopher Brosius… and it is also his manifesto. While it seems like a treasonous position for a perfumer, CB I Hate Perfume creates unusually intriguing fragrances that are overtly based on notes about memory or moments in life. This recently released video conveys relevance of smell, Brosius’ view of what fragrance is not supposed to be, and his creative process. It is notably authentic and direct and a real contrast to the way many fragrance brands present their stories. The CB I Hate Perfume website is not the most polished of experiences, but there is certainly abundant content to feed the curious mind.

NOWNESS, Fragrance, Mark Borthwick, Maison Martin Margiela, (Untitled) L'Eau
Scent is possibly the most powerful of all the senses. A fragrance can conjure memories of person, place, thing, or time in the space of a moment. With a multitude of media at our disposal, we can create remarkable storytelling for fragrances. Yet sometimes the story is more brilliant than the scent – or visa versa for that matter. Director Mark Borthwick has crafted a fragrance experience outside the norm for Maison Martin Margiela’s fragrance (Untitled) L’Eau. The video is an abstract audio-visual immersion that is true to the olfactive notes that makeup the fragrance itself. Citrus, mimosa flower, and various greens paired with the sounds of birds and running water are all absorbed through the viewpoint of the bottle. The simple honesty of this video is nothing short of sublime. NOWNESS presents the video along with an interview with Mark Borthwick about the film:

Maison Martin Margiela’s (Untitled) L’Eau

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Dots are everywhere. Especially if you are Louis Vuitton or Marc Jacobs’ latest fragrance: Dot. This month Dot joins her sisters Lola and Daisy on fragrance counters and marcs her spot on the internet with a cheeky social media venture titled MarcTheDot. The concept invites anyone to Instagram or Tweet anything dotted, spotted or otherwise of the circular persuasion with the hash tag #MarcTheDot

The story behind the fragrance and the hybrid butterfly-ladybug inspiration of the bottle can be discovered at

Juergen Teller is also captured working his usual iconic lomography magic in a behind the scenes video:

Valentino, Valentina, Rome, Valentino Parfums, Valentina Eau De Parfum, Instagram, #MyValentinaNights, Valentina Instagram Contest, Facebook

Do you know Valentina? Or where she is in Rome? As Valentino Parfums introduces their new Eau De Parfum Valentina, they ask you to discover this with the proposition that the city is your source of inspiration: feel it’s heartbeat and capture it’s energy. It is an invitation into Valentina’s world.

The Valentina Website experience is a wonderful video and interactive adventure through Rome at night in search of where Valentina might be gallivanting (she leaves clues) as well as an opportunity to view the bottle, olfactive notes and story behind the fragrance. The most engaging part of the experience is the invitation to share your vision of a Valentina night in your own city via #MyValentinaNights on Instagram and Facebook – and possibly find yourself following her mischievous footsteps in Rome.

Christian Dior, Dior Addict, Eau Sensuelle, Eau Fraiche, fragrance, Baz Luhrmann, Tim Walker, Roger Vadim, And God Created Woman, Daphné Groeneveld, Bridget Bardot, Saint-Tropez

Christian Dior has just launched one very dazzling multi media campaign to launch 2 summer variants of the fragrance Dior Addict: Eau Sensuelle and Eau Fraiche. Together, the tremendous talents of Baz Luhrmann and Tim Walker craft an energetic, retro themed tribute to Roger Vadim’s classic film “And God Created Woman” through short film (and of course, a TV spot) and stills, respectively. Daphné Groeneveld is effortlessly vibrant as she channels Bridget Bardot in her Saint-Tropez romp from beach to bar. Apart from smelling the fragrances, one can explore the experience through traditional advertising, web, and social media. There is even an app available on iTunes… so many ways to get Addicted.

Shake things up with the Dior Addict app on iTunes

Escape to Saint-Tropes via the Dior Addict microsite

Gérald Ghislain, Histoires de Parfums, The Scent of Departure, men's and women's fragrances, Harvey Nichols, Arty Dandy, and Henri Bendel

For the budget conscious (or not), jet setting to the world’s most glamourous destinations is now more within reach, thanks to the tremendous talent of Gérald Ghislain of Histoires de Parfums. Leave the passport behind and travel olfactively with the help of the new collection: The Scent of Departure. Abu Dhabi, Paris, Bali, Istambul, and New York, to name just a few among the 20 men’s and women’s destination fragrances and all are possible right at end of your nose. The smartly designed packaging is extraordinary, too.

When in the neighborhoods of London, Paris, or New York City, the fragrances can be discovered at Harvey Nichols, Arty Dandy, and Henri Bendel, respectively.

Exhibition Magaine, Issue #2, Leather, Emma Summerton, Guido Mocafico, Richard Burbridge, Sølve Sundsbø, Serge Lutens, Willy Vanderperre, Jeff Rian, Edwin Sberro, Gael Hugo and Boris Ovini, Valerija Kelava, Chloe Memisevic, Equine, Horse

Wait no more for the much anticipated arrival of Edwin Sberro, Gael Hugo and Boris Ovini’s second coming of Exhibition Magazine. This issue features an immersion of all things leather that the imaginations of Emma Summerton, Guido Mocafico, Richard Burbridge, Sølve Sundsbø, Serge Lutens, Willy Vanderperre, and Jeff Rian can possibly bring fourth. “Leather is a commercial matter yet full of symbols and symbolism. It is iconic, timeless, intimate and generates plenty of fantasies.”

Sølve Sundsbø deserves all the worthy credit for the cover, but the images above are the luxuriantly dark revalations of Boris Ovini. Valerija Kelava and Chloe Memisevic are paired alonside some very alluring equines, yet perhaps the women are far more wild than the horses. It makes one wonder what the others have in mind…

Truly discovering fragrance a few years ago changed my world. Now, life not only smells different, it looks, tastes, sounds, and feels different. Coincidentally, the fragrance collection that woke me up is called SixScents Parfums. The intent of this limited edition collection is to transform the language between art fashion, design and scent. Each year 6 fragrances are created through artistic collaboration and multi-sensory experiences. Below I present 3 of these memorable fragrances accompanied by a visual representation of how I visualize the scents.

SixScents Series Three No. 6: “M”

If I could curl up in a cocoon of fragrance, “M” is my blanket. The animalic nature of it is intoxicating and deeply comforting for me. It is a collaboration between perfumer Yann Vasnier and the ladies behind Ohne Titel: Alexa Adams and Flora Gill.

“I started ‘M’ with a core of leather and an animalic feeling. Alexa and Flora spoke about their rebellious side when growing up, night clubs and late outings, the feeling of warm, slightly sweaty skin. I tried to recreate their attention to intricate tailoring, architecture of design, their care of detail, all these very feminine aspects using these strong and signature materials like cardamom, safraleine, and leather.” – Yann Vasnier Perfumer

SixScents Series Three No. 3: “Can’t Smell Fear”

Sophisticated electricity is what comes to my mind when I smell this very modern fragrance. If it is possible to bottle the beauty of the first few drops on pavement before a dramatic thunderstorm, “Can’t Smell Fear” would be it. That refreshing, metallic smell in real life is so fleeting, until now. And we have Natalie Gracia-Cetto and Junn.J to thank for creating it.

“I tried to capture some of Juun J’s childhood memories: the smell of the skin in a city with concrete and wooden buildings. I wanted to create a fragrance that provides comfort, that protects you in an urban somewhat hostile universe. I choose a leathery theme, comfortable and reassuring. It creates an olfactive aura, a comfort zone that protects against the city. I added some woody and floral notes to bring refinement, and some amber and musks to have a subtle sensual touch.” – Natalie Gracia-Cetto

SixScents Series Two No. 5: “Nicoll 17”

The moment I met with “Nicoll 17”, I was taken. What is appealing is the bright, green freshness, but also there is a sparkling ethereal power behind it that is unlike like anything else. Rodrigo Flores-Roux paired up with designer Richard Nicoll to conjure this lovely fragrance.

“This fennel infused scent is a simple, minimalist fragrance from a perfumer who enjoys maximalism. It is a scientific pleasure and a dream project for a botanist. Every single aspect of Florentine fennel as a garden plant and as a silvered delicacy in a summer salad was taken into account: its crisp texture of the opalescent green stalks, the earthiness of the roots, the airiness within it’s feathery leaves and umbrella shaped flowers.” – Rodrigo Flores-Roux, Perfumer