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With this post begins a weekly feature on BeautifulCurious called “Curious Luxury”. Curious Luxuries will be a curation of unexpected, creative, clever, or innovative luxuries. Without further ado, here is Curious Luxury No. 1:

Download, print, color, cut, fold, glue…  In a few words, attaining a Kelly or Jigé handbag has never been so simple. A few clicks of traveling the world of Hermès online at will take you to this delightful collection of do-it-yourself paper handbags. These are just a few of the creative and inspiring surprises awaiting discovery. Enjoy a few BeautifulCurious favorites…

Download Paper Jigé

Download Paper Kelly

Jean Paul Gaultier, Diet Coke, The Night & Day Serial Designer, Marionette

In the beginning, there was Karl. Or at least this is so for the very curious role of “Diet Coke Creative Director”. And now there is Jean Paul Gaultier. Sometimes less is more – just watch.

Animated gifs, Parallel Universes, Paris versus New York, Prada, Spring/Summer 2012 accessories, Vahram Muratyan

Prada Parallel Universe

Make way for Prada, who is clearly paving their road to digital success with their “Parallel Universes” campaign for the Spring/Summer 2012 accessories collection. These playful retro gems by illustrator/graphic designer Vahram Muratyan (of “Paris versus New York” fame) are so charming that it makes one pause to marvel at how innovation can be so simple. If these animated delights are not enough, there is sure to be more where this came from:

Vogue Gioiello, Michael Baumgarten, TextbookThere is a certain kind of charm to behold in vintage text books, such as the smell of aged parchment or lavishly drawn diagrams of living organisms, inked in a certain color palette of a certain time. And if you’re really lucky, such text books have passed through the hands of Michael Baumgarten, as seen in Vogue Gioiello. Hidden inside volumes of the natural world happen to be intricately carved niches, hosting some of earth science’s finest specimens. Diamonds shimmer alongside a family of coral and blue sapphires meander among transparent microorganisms. Science is a treasure.

Laziz Hamani, Harry Winston, Chanel, Cartier, Swarovski, Dior, Levine/Leavitt, llrepsUnless you’ve been under a rock (or maybe that rock sparkled so much that it left you permanently blind), you know the dazzling work of Laziz Hamani. He is trusted by the likes of Harry Winston, Chanel, Cartier, Swarovski and Dior to photograph their precious treasures with his special brand of curiosity and gift for capturing the beauty of beautiful objects. Above you see the memorable Harry Winston ad campaign followed by a delightful collage world of illustrated animals, insects and yes, more sparkling objects. His work is so worthy of exploring that I kindly suggest to begin here:

Daniel Egneus, watercolor, illustration, Little Red Riding Hood, The Brother’s GrimmThe beautiful illustrations of Daniel Egneus are memorable for their veil of luscious color and dreamy darkness. His fashionistas, hybrid figures, fantastical landscapes and sumptuous interiors in watercolor seem to come into being with ethereal ease. It is no wonder that he reimagined the tale of “Little Red Riding Hood” in a new elegant splendor, from wardrobe to wolf. A few of the images above are from his book which could be described as an art book-graphic novel fusion. Discover his process during the making of the book: