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BiennaleDesAntiquaires2014BlogHeaderFor the next 10 days, the Place Vendôme is host to arguably the most important event in the jewelry calendar: La Biennale Paris. While this curious mind remains stateside, the next best way to celebrate the beauty of such exquisite pieces is to curate a series of jewels that we admire. Each day from September 11 – 21, we will present a selection here, as well as on twitter @BeautifulCurio and Instagram @BeautifulCurious… stay tuned!








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The ever lovely Maria Doulton, The Jewellery Editor, did journey to Paris for the occasion and her exclusive peek of Biennale treasures can be discovered below.




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It’s here! Take a look at the much awaited behind-the-scenes film where fashion and technology so beautifully collide on the DVF runway. A great story is captured with this bold collaboration between Diane von Furstenberg and those clever folks at Google, using the new Google Glass. Gaze through the DVF looking glass…

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Dior has crafted several extraordinary brand experiences in video: The Lady Noir Affair, Lady Grey, Lady Blue, Lady Rouge, and L.A DY Dior. On the heels of these stunning films, the storyline continues with the Lady Dior Web Documentary, starring the ever exquisite Marion Cotillard and Dior’s signature New Look. Showcased here is “Fantasia”, the first of seven short films exploring the world of Dior and those places that are a part of the Dior heritage. The documentary chronicles rare access inside various Dior ateliers as skilled hands design, cut, fit and sew the stunning dresses that Ms Cotillard will be wearing. A project like this might the first of its kind among the haute couture world and certainly there will be a beautiful flurry of Dior glory in the months ahead. The films can be followed on the Dior minisite or on the Official Dior YouTube Channel.

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It is always a pleasure to discover something rare and beautiful. Recently a luxurious item of this description crossed the BeautifulCurious radar in the form of an extraordinary crocodile handbag. And the party responsible for its existence is the bespoke brand called BEASTofBURDEN. Each piece journeys from the rivers of the African Nile, through the Tuscan hillside and carries with it a story of sustainability and artisanal craft passed down through generations. BeautifulCurious talks to BEASTofBURDEN designer and co-founder Richard Taylor about the brand, the relevance of sustainability and what is luxury…

What is the concept behind BEASTofBURDEN?
BEASTofBURDEN takes the worlds most iconic luxury accessory – the crocodile hand bag and reinterpretates in a totally authentic way. This is made possible from our own relationship with Africa, our sourcing and tanning of the skins and the way we make our bags in Italy. We break down the stiffness (literally and metaphorically) of the crocodile bag and make it relevant for the luxury consumer of today. We differentiate ourselves entirely from almost every other luxury brand in the world today by the fact that we work across continents from Africa to Europe to achieve something that is totally unique.

Who is that curiously endearing equine mascot in your logo?
The original BEASTofBURDEN – the donkey

Tell me how your sustainability story came about. Was sourcing sustainable materials something that evolved or was it present from the start?
I believe that designers today have a duty to be sustainable. In our case it was important for us to be aware of all the people that are involved in the process of making BEASTofBURDEN and to be confident that they share the same principles as we do.

Why Nile crocodile?
Nile crocodile comes from Africa where Virginia (co-founder) was born and this is where we began BEASTofBURDEN. Other crocodile skin e.g. Cayman doesn’t produce the same softness or colour when treated, whereas Nile crocodile gives a beautifully soft handle and achieves a much greater colour density.

Do you forsee sourcing other sustainable or ethically sourced materials in other parts of the world?
Regarding sourcing, we are a crocodile brand and we will always work with Africa. The continent is at the heart of our inspiration.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?
Africa – the colours, the people, the wildlife – it’s like no other place in the world.

How do you define luxury?
Sundown on a sand bank in the Zambezi valley with a gin a tonic in hand and a heard of elephants in the distance.

What luxury brand or item do you believe to be truly innovative and why?
1st class travel. When you travel as much as we do it really makes a difference to your journey.

What is THE luxury item you dream of?
Vintage Toyota Land Cruiser- totally re-modelled with crocodile interior in custom spray matte army green.

What are words of wisdom that you live by?
‘Life is not a dress rehearsal’

Explore the beautiful collection of handbags, bracelets, clutches and wallets at

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Among the pages of heftier-than-ever September glossies, social media channels and beyond will be a stand out campaign that presents a refreshingly new model archetype: the influencer. J. Crew has selected extraordinary people who are accomplished entrepreneurs, fashion industry talents, and contributors to contemporary culture to tell the J. Crew story about quality “in a little louder way”. A few of these worthy individuals are Assistant Director of Museum Development at MoMA and PS1 Angela Goding, architect and Arquiste perfumes creator Carlos Huber, Linda Rodin of Rodin, makeup artist Alice Lane, Trunk Archive CEO Matthew Moneypenny, and founder and CEO of Tumblr David Karp. J. Crew provides the opportunity to meet this worthy cast and find out a bit about them on the (un)official J. Crew blog, 770 Behind The Line. Click on Destination Inspiration to discover even more influencers from around the globe wearing J. Crew their way. This ongoing inspiration in motion can also be followed on J. Crew’s YouTube channel. The below video finds blogger, photographer, illustrator and author Garance Doré (and Scott Schuman) strolling the streets of Paris, wearing J. Crew her way.

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It is no surprise that in luxury, image is everything. Recent dialog between Franck Jehanne and Claire Adler of The Kalory Agency regarding this and the importance of luxury brands embracing social media was recently captured in the video below. One of the key points raised is the tremendous benefit of luxury brands creating and sharing beautifully executed visual content on various media channels – particularly if it is a special event or a capturing “behind the scenes” storytelling. Above is example of such work The Kalory Agency is producing for luxury brands the likes of Mikimoto, Cartier, Jaeger-Lecoultre, and Vacheron Constantin. Luxury consumers and bloggers alike are enthusiastic to tag and post polished imagery, particularly if it is higher quality than what they themselves can achieve.

Currently there are several luxury brands who are setting the gold standard by consistently publishing solid visual content: Burberry, Van Cleef & Arpels, Louis Vuitton, and Prada among them.

Without further adieu, below is the video commentary:

photographs & video © by The Kalory Agency

Curious Luxury, LVMH, PPR, Dom Perignon, David Lynch, The Power of Creation, Dom Pérignon 2003, Rosé 2000, Recent news out of Paris regarding growth for LVMH and PPR (even in the Chinese, Japanese and US markets) is certainly worth celebrating, in part due to the very liquid celebrations are made of. The wines and spirits division of LVMH is up 15% for the first half of the year and their very own Dom Pérignon has yet another reason to toast: a sparkling collaboration with David Lynch. It is ‘a little magic theatre’ in the form of a limited-edition bottle design and ad campaign titled “The Power of Creation” for Dom Pérignon 2003 and the Rosé 2000. The designs are ‘a process of tuning in and then through experimentation getting something that expresses the essential nature.’

Discover synergies of “mystery, intensity, commitment, time, the constant reinvention of the self, and above all, absolute faith in the power of creation:”

The limited-edition bottles will come available at the end of the year… cheers to David and Dom!

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Dior recently released a video of Raf Simons speaking to the concept behind his inaugural Haute Couture collection on the official Dior YouTube channel. The interview is, of course, a terrific commentary on his view of the Dior brand heritage and intent to create dynamic, energetic pieces that juxtapose the storied, historic craft with futuristic craft. Yet this is just one video among an impressively rich assortment on the Dior YouTube channel – in fact there are 5 different playlists of compelling content to explore. Particularly noteworthy is the Know-How & Heritage playlist, as the selection is a terrific immersion in the artful beauty and attention to detail that make this iconic brand so extraordinary.

Interview Raf Simons – Haute Couture Autumn-Winter 2012

Exceptional Pieces: Black Calfskin Suede Sandal

Dior VIII – The Inspirational Film

Dior Joaillerie – Le Bal des Roses

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Telling a good story is crucial for any brand and Tomas Maier, creative director of Bottega Veneta, has been telling some great ones. The stories are not about a bag, but the people who carry them, as seen through a rotating roster of very well known and emerging contemporary photographers. With a new collection, comes a new collaboration with a photographer who contributes his or her own individual aesthetic and narrative. Above is a selection of BeautifulCurious favorites over the years, featuring Annie Leibovitz, Alex Prager, and Steven Meisel. Tomas Maier elaborates on each of the extraordinary collaborations, which are posted on facebook and the Bottega Veneta website in a video series called The Art Of Collaboration. Below is but a glimpse of what promises to be a provocative, hyper-color fall campaign shot by the great Erwin Olaf…

Tomas Maier, Bottega Veneta, The Art Of Collaboration, Erwin Olaf

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It is not presumptive to say that there is no one like Marc Jacobs. Interview Magazine (Germany) has recently released a disarmingly frank interview that affirms this and sheds light on the professional and personal aspects of this remarkable global innovator. Some patience may be required, however. At the 3 minute mark, he begins to speak on the blurred boundaries of Fashion and Art. He discusses those cheeky Marc Jacobs ad campaigns by Juergen Teller (and the Cindy Sherman / Juergen Teller collaboration that followed), creating ad campaigns that don’t sell things, things that are wrong or imperfect, and the burden of the occasional commercial success. He is fearless, inspiring, and perfectly imperfect.