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As a chill takes hold of the air, a bauble reminiscent of a warm, treasured escape would be well-timed. The Weekly Bauble I share today is just that!

This charming bracelet of bejeweled, ripe, flowering fruit is one piece among a collection by Lexmond vs Lexmond for Royal Asscher. Of course Royal Asscher is a much celebrated jewelry house and “Lexmond vs Lexmond” refers to the talented sisters, Jetteke and Lieke van Lexmond of Amsterdam – one, a fashion editor and the other a TV personality. During a trip to the Seychelles, the sisters were inspired by the lush vegetation unique to this archipelago, including Coco de Mer. These rare, flowering fruits have been beautifully reimagined, to burst with bountiful color and sparkle with life. At the heart of this joyful collection is an appreciation and celebration of the bond that women share.


2.66 carat diamonds
4.82 carat emeralds
6.42 carat rubies
0.62 carat pink sapphire
18 karat gold

Price available upon request

Kindly email with inquires and be certain to dip into this shimmering, sensual world:




London Fashion Week, Spring Summer RTW 2013, David Koma, Matthew Williamson, Holi Festival, Dion Lee

The past, the present and the future – all are covered in the short distance of a London runway. For his collection, David Koma chose to channel tennis’ classic past with a mesmerizing combination of graphic tennis net patterns, playful sheers, and a striking color pallet of white or black with bold orange, green or blue. Sports have rarely been this luxurious or this sexy. Presently, Matthew Williamson celebrates his 15th anniversary and crafted a collection with a nod to his past: his inaugural “Electric Angels”. His signature saturated palette and penchant for embellishment this season was inspired by the Holi Festival in India, where brightly colored powder is enthusiastically tossed among merrymakers. His silk prints directly reflect this revelry as well as epic landscapes, printed from Williamson’s own personal photographs of Kerala and Tibet. Mr. Williamson also premiered his first shoe collection. Dion Lee presented his second London collection which is nothing short of a futuristic sci-fi journey. Garments are engineered with three-dimensional printing techniques involving geothermal mapping, body hot zone abstraction, and some well placed slashing and folding. Sometimes knowing less is more, but the overall effect is a wonderously strange, technical beauty that is out of this world.

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Bibhu Mohapatra, Tadashi Shoji, New York Fashion Week, spring 2013 ready-to-wear

Today’s curation begins with a confession: Bibhu Mohapatra‘s collection was so extraordinary, it seemed nothing short of tragic to present only six looks. Kindly pardon the gushing, as you see there are twelve. What inspired Mohapatra’s genius? A Luna Moth he discovered in Cooperstown, New York. The result is a glories series of angular tops, cigarette pants, chiffon skirts and slim-fitting dresses that capture the energy of metamorphosis. A continuous pattern – part butterfly, part shards of glass – materializes in several ways: as bold, colorful print, as metallic embellishment, as angular cutouts, and through the construction of the garments themselves. Mr. Mohapatra is not the only one to have traveled recently. The collection presented by Tadashi Shoji is a journey to three destinations: the breezy coast of California, the caves of Dunhuang in the Gobi Desert, and the ancient Chinese capital of Xi’an. The embroidered sheath dresses, the flowing patchwork print pieces, and pleated ikat-print gowns are respectively inspired by these places. It is a diverse and beautiful collection and certainly covers the range from casual to red carpet. Come spring, there will be some very lucky ladies to find themselves transformed or transported into another world. And on that note, we take our leave for London…

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Ted Baker, London, Grand House, Maids and Butlers, Midtown Abbey, New York City, 595 5th Avenue

Ted Baker London is making quite a polished impression in New York City for the launch of their “Grand House” store on Fifth Avenue with some clever social interaction. Maids and Butlers have taken to the streets to shine shoes, iron subway maps and serve tea to chess players in this most delightfully posh street marketing experience titled “Midtown Abbey”. Even carriage horses get treated with the utmost care by these dutiful servants of Ted Baker. Further good measures have been taken in portraying British style and refinement inside and out of the 3 story 20’s inspired “Grand House” at 595 5th Avenue. Take a look at this very simple, yet brilliantly executed brand experience:

Africa, Italy, sustainability, Curious Interview, Beast of Burden, BEASTofBURDEN, Richard Taylor, Virginia Chiarelli, Nile crocodile, South Africa

It is always a pleasure to discover something rare and beautiful. Recently a luxurious item of this description crossed the BeautifulCurious radar in the form of an extraordinary crocodile handbag. And the party responsible for its existence is the bespoke brand called BEASTofBURDEN. Each piece journeys from the rivers of the African Nile, through the Tuscan hillside and carries with it a story of sustainability and artisanal craft passed down through generations. BeautifulCurious talks to BEASTofBURDEN designer and co-founder Richard Taylor about the brand, the relevance of sustainability and what is luxury…

What is the concept behind BEASTofBURDEN?
BEASTofBURDEN takes the worlds most iconic luxury accessory – the crocodile hand bag and reinterpretates in a totally authentic way. This is made possible from our own relationship with Africa, our sourcing and tanning of the skins and the way we make our bags in Italy. We break down the stiffness (literally and metaphorically) of the crocodile bag and make it relevant for the luxury consumer of today. We differentiate ourselves entirely from almost every other luxury brand in the world today by the fact that we work across continents from Africa to Europe to achieve something that is totally unique.

Who is that curiously endearing equine mascot in your logo?
The original BEASTofBURDEN – the donkey

Tell me how your sustainability story came about. Was sourcing sustainable materials something that evolved or was it present from the start?
I believe that designers today have a duty to be sustainable. In our case it was important for us to be aware of all the people that are involved in the process of making BEASTofBURDEN and to be confident that they share the same principles as we do.

Why Nile crocodile?
Nile crocodile comes from Africa where Virginia (co-founder) was born and this is where we began BEASTofBURDEN. Other crocodile skin e.g. Cayman doesn’t produce the same softness or colour when treated, whereas Nile crocodile gives a beautifully soft handle and achieves a much greater colour density.

Do you forsee sourcing other sustainable or ethically sourced materials in other parts of the world?
Regarding sourcing, we are a crocodile brand and we will always work with Africa. The continent is at the heart of our inspiration.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?
Africa – the colours, the people, the wildlife – it’s like no other place in the world.

How do you define luxury?
Sundown on a sand bank in the Zambezi valley with a gin a tonic in hand and a heard of elephants in the distance.

What luxury brand or item do you believe to be truly innovative and why?
1st class travel. When you travel as much as we do it really makes a difference to your journey.

What is THE luxury item you dream of?
Vintage Toyota Land Cruiser- totally re-modelled with crocodile interior in custom spray matte army green.

What are words of wisdom that you live by?
‘Life is not a dress rehearsal’

Explore the beautiful collection of handbags, bracelets, clutches and wallets at

Holborn, Brompton, Mayfair, St James, Sloane, Albert, Barbican, Jimmy Choo, Mr Porter, Jimmy Choo Autumn Winter 2012, Stepping Out, Men's fashion film

Jimmy Choo, in a second collaboration with Mr Porter, shows why the men of London are easily the smartest dressed of any town. The short fashion film titled “Stepping Out” follows two London gentleman in their day to night adventures by way of Mayfair, St James, Sloane and beyond from an intimate, shoe’s eye view. In retro 60’s London form, the cool, yet classically British Autumn Winter 2012 offerings are seen as their owners stroll to work, engage in refreshment, play a bit of poker, and cross paths with a burlesque dancer. Not a bad way to spend a Hard Day’s Night in old Londontown.

The video and collection can be discovered at

Could this signal the beginning of luxury brands creating fashion films for menswear as well as womenswear – or perhaps a blending of both?

Tomas Maier, fashion film, Christian Weber, Viaggio Notturno, Night Journey, Bottega Veneta, Cabat bag, Marco Polo,, Setai Hotel, New York City, Balmorhea, Patricia van der Vliet, Terron Wood

Bottega Veneta creative director Tomas Maier’s initiative to foster dynamic brand collaborations with contemporary artists through his The Art Of Collaboration series has recently expanded into new territory with his first fashion film, directed by Christian Weber. The short titled Viaggio Notturno (Night Journey) showcases Bottega Veneta’s signature luxury leather pieces including its woven leather Cabat bag, Marco Polo hard-case luggage, and a variety of other accessories. It is a mysterious and melancholy glimpse into the anonymous beauty of luxury travel with all of the powerful tension, seduction, and dark romance of film-noir. Discover how to travel well as well as explore other special projects in the world of Bottega Veneta at:

Curious Luxury, Chanel Sport, Chanel, Chanel Accessories, Chanel Sport Gear, Sport Gear, Country, Off-Piste, Surf, Beach, Urban, Ball, TennisNot all sports are created equal, however leave it to Chanel to elevate the humble as well as the glamourous to luxury status. Even a few less-than-intellectual sports get the white (and black) glove treatment. Be advised that a little advanced notice might be necessary for that next foray to the stream, the sea, the slopes, or on the back of a steed, as it seems many items are only available as a special order. Contact Karl at

Curious Luxury, LVMH, PPR, Dom Perignon, David Lynch, The Power of Creation, Dom Pérignon 2003, Rosé 2000, Recent news out of Paris regarding growth for LVMH and PPR (even in the Chinese, Japanese and US markets) is certainly worth celebrating, in part due to the very liquid celebrations are made of. The wines and spirits division of LVMH is up 15% for the first half of the year and their very own Dom Pérignon has yet another reason to toast: a sparkling collaboration with David Lynch. It is ‘a little magic theatre’ in the form of a limited-edition bottle design and ad campaign titled “The Power of Creation” for Dom Pérignon 2003 and the Rosé 2000. The designs are ‘a process of tuning in and then through experimentation getting something that expresses the essential nature.’

Discover synergies of “mystery, intensity, commitment, time, the constant reinvention of the self, and above all, absolute faith in the power of creation:”

The limited-edition bottles will come available at the end of the year… cheers to David and Dom!

Valentino, Valentina, Rome, Valentino Parfums, Valentina Eau De Parfum, Instagram, #MyValentinaNights, Valentina Instagram Contest, Facebook

Do you know Valentina? Or where she is in Rome? As Valentino Parfums introduces their new Eau De Parfum Valentina, they ask you to discover this with the proposition that the city is your source of inspiration: feel it’s heartbeat and capture it’s energy. It is an invitation into Valentina’s world.

The Valentina Website experience is a wonderful video and interactive adventure through Rome at night in search of where Valentina might be gallivanting (she leaves clues) as well as an opportunity to view the bottle, olfactive notes and story behind the fragrance. The most engaging part of the experience is the invitation to share your vision of a Valentina night in your own city via #MyValentinaNights on Instagram and Facebook – and possibly find yourself following her mischievous footsteps in Rome.