The Weekly Bauble this week is another fancy one. However, exceptional Blue Opals are involved!

From Katherine Jetter‘s Colored Diamond Collection comes this set of unforgettable Poison Berry Earrings. They are among a limited edition of rare jewels created in collaboration with LJ West Diamonds. Katherine creates extraordinary pieces inspired her native Australian natural landscape, using its revered Pink Argyle Diamond and Opal treasures. The luminous Blue Opal petals are hand carved and beautifully complimented by a swirling stem of diamond melee and Pink Argyle Diamond leaves and pear shaped drops.


8.52 carat Blue Opal
0.17 carat Pink Argyle Diamond pear shape drop
0.18 carat Pink Argyle Diamond pear shape drop
1.05 carat Pink Argyle Diamond melee
1.66 carat white diamond melee

Price is available upon request.

Kindly email with any inquires.