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Erik Madigan Heck and Mary Katrantzou are at their other-worldy best again in Nomenus Quarterly magazine’s “The Surrealist Ideal”. By combining various mediums – photography, painting, illustration and new technologies – the collaboration expands into a world that is not of a physical reality and something so far removed from the usual fashion editorial. The vision is extraordinary and the hues are lush in all their hyper-color splendor. Somewhere, Breton, Dalí, and Man Ray’s hearts must be content.

The noteworthy qualities I find in what Erik Madigan Heck creates, lies in the intellectual curiosity of his work. As mentioned before, Nomenus Quarterly is example of this. He more than dabbles in fashion, publishing, photography and painting – and certainly is no “jack of all trades, and master of none.” What he creates is nothing short of fashion photography that is fine art. It continually evolves and explores new territories. He brings out something new not only in his subjects, but also there is something fresh in the the way shoots and manipulates the work. Much of what he does takes inspiration from paintings throughout art history, but I fore see him leaving quite an impression on art and photographic history that has yet to be written. Meantime, you can presently transport yourself to beautiful other-worldliness as seen above titled “A Return to Giverny (for my Mother)” or elsewhere below:

In following a Mary Katrantzou curiosity the other day I discovered another extraordinary visionaire along the way: Erik Madigan Heck. L’inspiration cup runneth over. There is much to say about both talents, so this begins the first installment of a mini blog trilogy. This editorial titled “Surreal Planes” conceived by Erik featuring Mary’s intoxicating dresses triggers fireworks inside my head. The common link for me in what they create is a dynamic sense of altered reality. When I see Mary’s work I become aware of two sensations happening at once: one is the experience of seeing a dress that is clearly a beautiful dress, and the other is what happens when I begin to see the beautiful, printed objects, architecture and interiors on the fabric, twisting as if through the world’s most extraordinary kaleidoscope. Erik’s artistry here has a similar effect with the decadent, color trickery that plays with surreal perspective (physically and conceptually) and a most wonderful mash-up of photography, painting, and illustration. I don’t know what is real and what is illusion – and that thrills me to no end. The final nugget I offer is a mention of the world’s most expensive magazine (around $6,500 per issue), which is the origin of this editorial: Nomenus Quarterly. And if you are curious enough about this and what sort of content may be worthy of such a sum, the NY Times T Magazine wrote a review which can be seen here:

In the event you don’t have $6,500 burning a hole in your pocket, fear not, as Nomenus Quarterly can be enjoyed free of charge electronically: