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With the imminent start of the Olympic Games, all eyes are on London. And one curious set (mine) has been looking for a certain development what could make a grand brand story for the house of Gucci.

A few months ago Gucci purchased a very handsome stallion and renamed him Guccio. Since then, he has been stabled among Gucci muse Edwina Alexander’s other well-bred steeds and considered a possible mount for the Olympics. Another development is the upcoming launch of Gucci’s new Equestrian Collection which will appear in Gucci boutiques worldwide and on in November. The collection includes 15 ready-to-wear styles and accessories, as well as equestrian equipment including a riding boot, saddle, helmet, whip, gloves, and horse blanket. With these two happenings combined, it is not difficult to imagine the dashing Guccio with Edwina on his back, both looking so smart in their resplendent Gucci gear as they glide over their jumps towards gold on the word’s greatest athletic stage. Yet, there is no word of Guccio. Perhaps it is a fanciful brand fairytale that can never be, but one dares to dream.

Good luck Edwina!

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Gucci is experiencing a further equine expansion in it’s DNA with several exciting developments. One is the luxurious Gucci Riding Line for Summer 2012. Charlotte Casiraghi (Princess Grace of Monaco’s granddaughter) is the smoldering face of the advertising campaign called “Forever Now”, shot by legendary photographer Peter Lindbergh. Worthy of note is that Frida Giannini herself has been designing Charlotte’s exclusive riding wardrobe for the last 2 years as Gucci’s official equestrian ambassador. Second, there will be an equestrian inspired line in the Cruise 2013 Collection, including 15 ready-to-wear styles and accessories, as well as riding boots, saddle, helmet, whip, gloves, and horse blanket. Finally, the house has recently acquired a stunning stallion renamed “Guccio” who may be competing in the upcoming olympics… fingers are crossed for a haute couture competition. Until then, savor some beautiful moments captured during the photoshoot of Gucci “Forever Now”.