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Our Bauble this week is about to change the meaning of “the winter blues”!

This is all thanks to Leon Megé, who knows how to drop a pair of sapphires beneath a few diamond friends. Even more wonderfully unusual is that these sapphires have that unique color changing ability, akin to a certain steely blue-hued stunner, the Hope Diamond. Ideally matched, the stones are cut with a perfection unheard of in a pair of high grade natural unheated sapphires. The antique cushion, pear, and round diamonds from which they dangle are eloquently arranged and beautifully balanced.

If I am not mistaken, these baubles give reason to celebrate the winter blues!


13.26 carat unheated sapphires
0.60 carat GIA certified diamonds E/VVS (vintage cushion cut)
0.08 carat diamonds F/VS (pear shape and round cut)

Price available upon request

Recently, I visited Leon’s new showroom and had the pleasure of experiencing more of his creations. Below are a few of these beautiful baubles…

Kindly email with any inquires.




Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 10.13.49 PM 1Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 10.13.51 PM
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Discover a brilliant story about a man and his legacy revealed though rich narrative and dynamically animated historical visuals. This cleverly crafted video celebrates Harry Winston’s birthday and his sensational passion (and obsession) for diamonds.

Also worthy of note: on November 18th to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Harry Winston’s donation of the Hope Diamond to the Smithsonian, the world’s most famous gemstone was mounted in a new setting titled “Embracing Hope”.  A terrific documentary titled “Mystery of the Hope Diamond” on the Smithsonian Channel reveals the history, science, secrets and curse of this legendary blue diamond.