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Chantal Thomass, Antoine Helbert, Illustration, Lingerie, Luxury

“They” say it’s the shoes that make a man, but does anyone dare say what makes a lady? Chantal Thomass and Antoine Herlbert seem to have a very convincing suggestion on this matter. Antoine’s hyper-realistic, sumptuous illustrations for Chantal Thomass commands attention as well as sheer delight. The delicately detailed craft of this storied lingerie brand is so beautifully rendered that it is difficult to say which is more seductive: the lingerie or the art?

For good measure, it’s best to explore both:

Daniel Egneus, watercolor, illustration, Little Red Riding Hood, The Brother’s GrimmThe beautiful illustrations of Daniel Egneus are memorable for their veil of luscious color and dreamy darkness. His fashionistas, hybrid figures, fantastical landscapes and sumptuous interiors in watercolor seem to come into being with ethereal ease. It is no wonder that he reimagined the tale of “Little Red Riding Hood” in a new elegant splendor, from wardrobe to wolf. A few of the images above are from his book which could be described as an art book-graphic novel fusion. Discover his process during the making of the book:

Elegance, seduction and luxury has never been so well defined in a single mark as that of René Gruau’s hand. The graceful ease of line, playful use of positive and negative space, and sensuous color conveys a refined desire that continues to leave an everlasting impact on the fashion and advertising world… and me. His collaboration with Christian Dior in the 40’s and 50’s made another mark on recent fashion history when his great work was the inspiration for Dior’s Spring 2011 Couture Collection. Ah, to walk in this magic would be truly sublime.