Christian Louboutin, Peter Lippmann, Christian Louboutin Look Book Fall Winter 2011/12, Francisco De Zurbaran, Georges de La Tour, James McNeill Whistler, Francois Clouet, Marie-Guillemine Benoist, Francisco de Zurbaran, Jean-Marc Nattier, Trissan Polas, Sterenn Nogues, Karom Kelly, Lia Catreux, Francoise de Stael, Karen Assayag

Behind every great man is a great women… who is to say the reverse cannot be true? Christian Louboutin and Peter Lippmann have cleverly conspired to honor “The Power of Femininity” in Louboutin’s Autumn 2011/12 campaign, inspired by masterpieces of great men who have also been keen on elevating great and powerful women through the ages. These portraits “embody the spirit of the Christian Louboutin woman; each portrait acts as a setting for key creations from the upcoming collection twinned with the artist who’s individual technique and subject defines their distinct character.” Lippmann’s genius is the way he captures light, shadow, and textures and how he skillfully renders the diverse styles of Georges de La Tour to Jean-Marc Nattier to James McNeill Whistler. Louboutin is at his usual best, having created another iconically beautiful collection that great women everywhere will take pleasure in wearing.