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jewels-by-jar-the-metFor just 3 more days, over 400 enchanting works by Joel A. Rosenthal currently grace the halls of the MET in New York City – and dazzle the eyes of many ladies. To say this exhibition is a rare delight is an understatement. His name is “whispered” among a select number of women who are passionate about high jewellery and the gentleman is known to shy from the spotlight. What the MET has done is curate JAR’s acclaimed work over the past three decades. His pieces are playful, intricately bejewelled flora, fauna and objets d’art that both drip with colour and flicker in even the lowest light. Unless you are among his few fortunate clients, this is truly a once in a lifetime experience to behold his masterful creations.

Deeper musings on JAR and the jewellers who inspired him can be found on the wonderful blog Jewels du Jour. Thank you Natalie!

Below are just a few of his breathtaking creations:


JAR, Lily Safra, Christies, Jewels For Hope, Joel Arthur RosenthalIt is difficult to imagine a world of luxury beyond luxury, but it does in fact exist. Usually the names of such artisans or brands are so well guarded, that they are barely a whisper. One such artisan is a jeweller by the name of Joel Arthur Rosenthal, otherwise whispered as “JAR”. This Bronx-born, Parisian-based jeweller is as known for his one-of-a-kind jewels based around single sublime stones, as for his privacy and discretion. That said, his work most eloquently speaks for itself.

Recently an unprecedented 18 JAR pieces from Lily Safra’s collection were sold at Christies in Geneva to benefit 20 charities called “Jewels For Hope”. The below video speaks to the extraordinary craftsmanship of not only JAR’s work, but also reveals a bit about the charity component of the project, of which ALL proceeds went to worthy causes.

“The jewels I made for Mrs. Safra, the beauty I wanted to put into her hands, will, I trust, these years later continue to offer pleasures elsewhere, their sparkle, their fragility and fleeting luxury, by Mrs. Safra’s wisdom and generosity, will be become too, the highest human luxury, hope.”

– Joel Arthur Rosenthal