As a chill takes hold of the air, a bauble reminiscent of a warm, treasured escape would be well-timed. The Weekly Bauble I share today is just that!

This charming bracelet of bejeweled, ripe, flowering fruit is one piece among a collection by Lexmond vs Lexmond for Royal Asscher. Of course Royal Asscher is a much celebrated jewelry house and “Lexmond vs Lexmond” refers to the talented sisters, Jetteke and Lieke van Lexmond of Amsterdam – one, a fashion editor and the other a TV personality. During a trip to the Seychelles, the sisters were inspired by the lush vegetation unique to this archipelago, including Coco de Mer. These rare, flowering fruits have been beautifully reimagined, to burst with bountiful color and sparkle with life. At the heart of this joyful collection is an appreciation and celebration of the bond that women share.


2.66 carat diamonds
4.82 carat emeralds
6.42 carat rubies
0.62 carat pink sapphire
18 karat gold

Price available upon request

Kindly email with inquires and be certain to dip into this shimmering, sensual world: