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This post is an incredibly exciting one, as it involves a bespoke jewel made just for me by the lovely and talented Kristin Hanson! Over the course of the next week, I will share the couture experience she offers and of course, the glittering earrings that I am so eager to begin wearing soon.

We started with the best part: playing with diamonds jewels!





In the spirt of sharing holiday cheer with friends, The Weekly Bauble you see before you also has friends… very fancy ones!

First, I wish to introduce an incredibly alluring multi-colored diamond bracelet from Asteria, comprised of 23 fancy colored diamonds and cut in an array of shapes. Each focal stone is GIA certified and set in a pave halo of round brilliant D diamonds in 24 karat gold. With regard to those aforementioned friends, the bracelet can be further complimented with a similarly magnificent necklace and ring, to complete the look.


7.65 carats fancy colored diamonds
over 2 carats brilliant D diamonds
25 karat gold

Price of bracelet and further details of necklace and ring are available upon request.

Kindly email with any inquires.



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