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Dots are everywhere. Especially if you are Louis Vuitton or Marc Jacobs’ latest fragrance: Dot. This month Dot joins her sisters Lola and Daisy on fragrance counters and marcs her spot on the internet with a cheeky social media venture titled MarcTheDot. The concept invites anyone to Instagram or Tweet anything dotted, spotted or otherwise of the circular persuasion with the hash tag #MarcTheDot

The story behind the fragrance and the hybrid butterfly-ladybug inspiration of the bottle can be discovered at

Juergen Teller is also captured working his usual iconic lomography magic in a behind the scenes video:

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It is not presumptive to say that there is no one like Marc Jacobs. Interview Magazine (Germany) has recently released a disarmingly frank interview that affirms this and sheds light on the professional and personal aspects of this remarkable global innovator. Some patience may be required, however. At the 3 minute mark, he begins to speak on the blurred boundaries of Fashion and Art. He discusses those cheeky Marc Jacobs ad campaigns by Juergen Teller (and the Cindy Sherman / Juergen Teller collaboration that followed), creating ad campaigns that don’t sell things, things that are wrong or imperfect, and the burden of the occasional commercial success. He is fearless, inspiring, and perfectly imperfect.