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Versailles in a Socialist France, Karl, Chanel, Chanel Resort Collection 2013, Marie Antoinette, Greek gods, beauty mark

With all of Karls’s antics these days (Mr. Pitt and a certain fragrance among them) it’s good to know he has trust worthy minions creating beautiful things that aren’t overshadowed by simply being provocative. Evidence of this is in the 2013 Chanel Resort Collection ironically titled “Versailles in a Socialist France”. There was literally nothing left out of this delicious mash up of pastels, punk, adornments galore and frothy ruffles that would make Marie Antoinette swoon. Also noteworthy are the interlocking Cs on each lovely lady’s face. It is believed in Greek mythology that the gods placed a small dark mark on the face of anyone who looked too perfect out of jealousy to disturb the perfection. Karl is certainly following their ancient lead…

Jean Paul Gaultier, Diet Coke, The Night & Day Serial Designer, Marionette

In the beginning, there was Karl. Or at least this is so for the very curious role of “Diet Coke Creative Director”. And now there is Jean Paul Gaultier. Sometimes less is more – just watch.