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Following the fun of trying on Kristin Hanson‘s incredible creations, a decision had to be made! Her Heliconia earrings had me smitten, so we began to explore how to make them into something uniquely mine. She sketched several ideas of earrings, that complimented my aesthetic and would carry me from day into night.

It is a real luxury to have someone so passionate about colored diamonds share her tremendous knowledge. Of course there is a colored diamond for every color under the sun, but it is mesmerizing to observe, first hand, the wide variations of champagne, yellow, green and pink tones!

While I have quite a lot of pink garments, I wanted to incorporate splashes of color that would compliment my broader wardrobe. I had never been exposed to moss green diamonds and was drawn to their subtle hues. She suggested matching brilliant cut moss diamonds to serve as the post, set in yellow gold. Added to this would be a blending of honey and pink champagne diamonds, among the diamond pave in platinum.

Now my lovely earrings are set on their path to becoming a reality and stay tuned for when I “meet” them…








This post is an incredibly exciting one, as it involves a bespoke jewel made just for me by the lovely and talented Kristin Hanson! Over the course of the next week, I will share the couture experience she offers and of course, the glittering earrings that I am so eager to begin wearing soon.

We started with the best part: playing with diamonds jewels!





The Weekly Bauble this week features diamonds of a dynamically different color!

Handcrafted by the wonderful Kristin Hanson, these striking Slice Diamond River Earrings are inspired by the rough majestic landscape of dark waters and rock formations. The focus of Kristin’s couture jewelry is centered around conflict-free natural colored diamonds. Her life-inspired pieces celebrate the innate beauty of such rare stones, while bridging fine art and fine jewelry. More of her unique creations can be discovered on her website and via #coreofluxury.


7.3 carat brindle black diamond slices
1.1 carat canary yellow accent diamonds
18 karat gold

Price available upon request

Kindly email with inquires and below are a few more inspired baubles that are certain to have you equally smitten!