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It is no surprise that in luxury, image is everything. Recent dialog between Franck Jehanne and Claire Adler of The Kalory Agency regarding this and the importance of luxury brands embracing social media was recently captured in the video below. One of the key points raised is the tremendous benefit of luxury brands creating and sharing beautifully executed visual content on various media channels – particularly if it is a special event or a capturing “behind the scenes” storytelling. Above is example of such work The Kalory Agency is producing for luxury brands the likes of Mikimoto, Cartier, Jaeger-Lecoultre, and Vacheron Constantin. Luxury consumers and bloggers alike are enthusiastic to tag and post polished imagery, particularly if it is higher quality than what they themselves can achieve.

Currently there are several luxury brands who are setting the gold standard by consistently publishing solid visual content: Burberry, Van Cleef & Arpels, Louis Vuitton, and Prada among them.

Without further adieu, below is the video commentary:

photographs & video © by The Kalory Agency

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Dots are everywhere. Especially if you are Louis Vuitton or Marc Jacobs’ latest fragrance: Dot. This month Dot joins her sisters Lola and Daisy on fragrance counters and marcs her spot on the internet with a cheeky social media venture titled MarcTheDot. The concept invites anyone to Instagram or Tweet anything dotted, spotted or otherwise of the circular persuasion with the hash tag #MarcTheDot

The story behind the fragrance and the hybrid butterfly-ladybug inspiration of the bottle can be discovered at

Juergen Teller is also captured working his usual iconic lomography magic in a behind the scenes video:

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Right now, Olympic Champions are being minted each day, many having been on extraordinary journeys. This month, Louis Vuitton honors an extraordinary athlete who, for over a quarter century, continues to inspire and change the world through his artistic, political and humanitarian efforts: Muhammad Ali. The digital tribute titled “The Greatest Words” is an interpretation of Muhammad Ali’s “Word” and “Dream” shaped through the calligraphy of Neils Shoe Meulman and wordsmithing of Yasiin Bey (also known as Mos Def). Without further adieu, experience this beautiful, poetic celebration of the man and his great legacy… wait ’till you see Muhammad Ali:

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Remember last March when Marc Jacobs presented the Louis Vuitton 2012 Fall collection from that gorgeous, steaming locomotive? That same train, christened the Louis Vuitton Express, has just journeyed from Paris to Shanghai over the last 11 days to mark the 20th anniversary of Louis Vuitton in China in a campaign called “The Meaning of Travel”. Photographer and director Todd Selby (yes, The Selby) documented experiences and encounters through photographs, video, drawings and paintings along the journey from Paris, which included stops through Germany, Poland, Belarus, Russia, Mongolia and finally China.

For the campaign, Louis Vuitton joined with Jiepang (the Chinese version of Foursquare), inviting users to check in at any Louis Vuitton store in China and share a written post about what travel means to them on Jiepang or Sina Wiebo. Participants on Jiepang earn a virtual Louis Vuitton Express badge and 10 users will be selected to receive a copy of the book “Louis Vuitton: 100 Legendary Trunks”. What is the incentive for any luxury brand to engage in social media platforms (Chinese or Otherwise)? Tech savvy twenty-somethings everywhere view luxury as an inclusive experience, whereas baby boomers perceive luxury as an exclusive badge. Particular to China, the spending potential of young, middle-class is growing… for the moment. And until they can afford their Louis Vuitton handbag, they can attain their branded “virtual badge”.

The journey culminates with a live fashion show, beginning promptly at 1.30pm GMT or 8.30am EST which can be viewed at where beautiful and curious things surely await. Until then, below are highlights along the way in video journal form:

Day 1

Day 3

Day 4

Day 6

Day 9

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A dynamic trend in the luxury world is rapidly accelerating as, more ‘soft luxury’ brands are expanding their interests in ‘hard luxury’… also known as fine jewellery. Louis Vuitton opened their first standalone jewellery boutique at 23 Place Vendôme just last week (with New York, London and Hong Kong possibly in sight), following Versace’s launch of it’s first high jewellery collection. Of course Gucci, Dior, and Chanel were the first to capture the opportunity in this space years ago and Hermés, Salvatore Ferragamo, Bottega Veneta, Ralph Lauren were quick to follow suit in offering fine jewellery collections of their own. Now it seems 2 distinct categories are emerging: the burgeoning fashion branded fine jewellery and the already established heritage fine jewellery names. Both categories have big plans to build a presence in China, where analysts predict fertile market potential for all parties involved.

Above is the new and incredibly inspired Louis Vuitton collection called ‘Escale á Paris’. It not only commemorates the opening at Place Vendôme, but also plays perfectly into the story of the journey. The designs literally guide one through the glorious city of light, paying homage to the streets, boulevards and other architectural motifs and monuments of Paris – and of course it sparkles like it never has before. The video below shares a glimpse of the creative process, precision and craft behind the beauty that is ‘Escale á Paris’.

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In 1854, Louis Vuitton began taking the world on a journey with his flat-bottom, light weight and airtight trunks and LV continues to this day to innovate, enamor and inspire. Case in point: the recent introduction of The Art of Packing web app on It’s not just a wonderfully clever interactive tool to feature the virtues of the Alzer, Pégase and Keepall suitcases (and cross promote accessories and wardrobe), but also an animated “how to” guide of pragmatic, efficient packing, complete with interactive tips to optimize space, avoid wrinkles, and preserve the form of garments. The journey continues to brilliant and engaging at Louis Vuitton… and it may even bring about civilized packing. Bon voyage!

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It is not presumptive to say that there is no one like Marc Jacobs. Interview Magazine (Germany) has recently released a disarmingly frank interview that affirms this and sheds light on the professional and personal aspects of this remarkable global innovator. Some patience may be required, however. At the 3 minute mark, he begins to speak on the blurred boundaries of Fashion and Art. He discusses those cheeky Marc Jacobs ad campaigns by Juergen Teller (and the Cindy Sherman / Juergen Teller collaboration that followed), creating ad campaigns that don’t sell things, things that are wrong or imperfect, and the burden of the occasional commercial success. He is fearless, inspiring, and perfectly imperfect.

Orient Express, Fall Winter 2012 Collection, Louis Vuitton, Steven Meisel, LVMH

The glorious (and decadently expensive) Orient Express themed fall winter 2012 collection that Louis Vuitton presented back in February continues it’s journey through the capable lense of Steven Meisel. The rich ocher, red, mocha and eggplant color palette of the apparel and accessories so well suits Meisel’s brilliant color sensibilities. It is an alluring retro road trip that is not only a nod to the Louis Vuitton brand heritage, but also the opulent beauty and romance of the journey.

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The newest fine art collaboration at Louis Vuitton is soon to arrive, this time in a flurry of dots at the hands of Yayoi Kusama. This not only brings the boundless talents of Marc Jacobs and Yayoi Kusama together to create a collection for Louis Vuitton, but also ushers in a unique first: a Marc Jacobs collaboration on a Kusama fine art installation by to be exhibited in the Louis Vuitton Bond Street Maison in London. While the world waits for what will certainly be an infinitely inspired collection AND fine art installation, one can delight in the new Louis Vuitton Kusama Studio iPhone App:

Click here to see Marc Jacob’s interview about the Kusama collaboration

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Many trends are in bloom at the moment and, on cue, floral embroideries are among them. John Akehurst photographed some of this seasons most beautiful floral offerings from the likes of Louis Vuitton, Prada, and Dolce & Gabbana in Velvet Italia’s “Il Fiore Delle Mille E Una Notte” (Flower Of The Arabian Nights). Set amidst a landscape of mylar, the floral vestments twist and transform with an electrifying beauty that Narcissus would surely envy.