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For a final look at London Fashion Week, BeautifulCurious presents a varied curation of floral and fauna, aliens, and a global sensation. We start with Mulberry who went to the rural English countryside with their Winsor and Newton water colors and brought back some shimmery floral (and playful gecko) prints for the catwalk – and a black poodle for good measure. Given the remarkable invitation for the show, this curious mind envisioned garments of a less heavy nature and more viscous fabrics. Still, Mulberry delivered on their theme, as the lovely colors stole the show. Color played a significant role in a very different way at Erdum. The collection was based on humanoid extraterrestrial refugees out of Zenna Henderson’s sci-fi novels and maintained an intriguing tension of “uncomfortable color combinations” and material mind tricks, such as python pretending to be silk. There were many sci-fi infused collections this season, but this one stands apart with it’s prim 1950’s kitch and intellectual prowess. A final, much deserved mention must go to Burberry Prorsum. Just prior to the show, Christopher Bailey declared to the team “People are stopping work to watch… You’ve got to give them a good reason.” And reason they did in a flurry of corsets and capes and marvelous metallics that truly conveyed “a very British glamour”, not just on the runway, but in digital live stream at the recently opened flagship on Regent street and globally on the web. What a luxury indeed to be dressed, entertained and escape with Burberry. Thank you for all of it, London.

Mulberry, Mulberry Spring 2013 invitation, Winsor & Newton, Winsor and Newton, @Mulberry_Editor, London Fashion WeekFor their spring 2013 runway presentation, Mulberry doesn’t offer a mere brush with beauty. They intend to wash us away in it… and this curious mind is more than willing. The inspiration for the collection is “celebrating colour and the craft of painting”. Mulberry has primed their audience with all the right touches, starting with the bespoke invitation. It is a customized box containing the show details, a Mulberry branded sketchbook and miniature watercolor paint set from renowned British fine art materials brand Winsor & Newton. Mulberry shares the story of water colour and the innovations William Winsor and Henry Newton contributed to the world of colour on the Mulberry blog. Today they released this beautifully simple video inviting us to watch the show live on September 18th at 10am (GMT) on Meantime, immerse in the colourful world of Mulberry by following their blog and various channels of Twitter @Mulberry_Editor, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube.

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Earlier this year, Mulberry introduced a lovely new addition to their accessories collection: a handbag called the Del Rey. It is inspired by American singer Lana Del Rey and mirrors her blend of eclectic references and classic details. Today, Mulberry launched a short film that intimately captures the process of cutting, stitching, and merging of leather with metal that is involved in crafting these glamourous bags, set to the nostalgically beautiful song of Miss Del Rey’s “Summertime Sadness”. The collection featuring it’s ever growing selection of finishes in classic tones, print textures and metallics can be viewed on the Mulberry website and more of the story behind this practical, refined bag can be discovered on the Mulberry blog. Watch the transformation below:

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Tim Walker’s signature world of wonder and fantasy brings the forest (and it’s creatures) indoors for Mulberry’s fall winter 2012 collection. Accompanying the print campaign is a short film with real and animated creatures set to the music of Miike Snow. The oversize litter of leaves, feathers and eggs and those charming birds and foxes come close to stealing the show. Yet, how could anyone mind?