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Ted Baker, London, Grand House, Maids and Butlers, Midtown Abbey, New York City, 595 5th Avenue

Ted Baker London is making quite a polished impression in New York City for the launch of their “Grand House” store on Fifth Avenue with some clever social interaction. Maids and Butlers have taken to the streets to shine shoes, iron subway maps and serve tea to chess players in this most delightfully posh street marketing experience titled “Midtown Abbey”. Even carriage horses get treated with the utmost care by these dutiful servants of Ted Baker. Further good measures have been taken in portraying British style and refinement inside and out of the 3 story 20’s inspired “Grand House” at 595 5th Avenue. Take a look at this very simple, yet brilliantly executed brand experience:

Tomas Maier, fashion film, Christian Weber, Viaggio Notturno, Night Journey, Bottega Veneta, Cabat bag, Marco Polo,, Setai Hotel, New York City, Balmorhea, Patricia van der Vliet, Terron Wood

Bottega Veneta creative director Tomas Maier’s initiative to foster dynamic brand collaborations with contemporary artists through his The Art Of Collaboration series has recently expanded into new territory with his first fashion film, directed by Christian Weber. The short titled Viaggio Notturno (Night Journey) showcases Bottega Veneta’s signature luxury leather pieces including its woven leather Cabat bag, Marco Polo hard-case luggage, and a variety of other accessories. It is a mysterious and melancholy glimpse into the anonymous beauty of luxury travel with all of the powerful tension, seduction, and dark romance of film-noir. Discover how to travel well as well as explore other special projects in the world of Bottega Veneta at: