Truly discovering fragrance a few years ago changed my world. Now, life not only smells different, it looks, tastes, sounds, and feels different. Coincidentally, the fragrance collection that woke me up is called SixScents Parfums. The intent of this limited edition collection is to transform the language between art fashion, design and scent. Each year 6 fragrances are created through artistic collaboration and multi-sensory experiences. Below I present 3 of these memorable fragrances accompanied by a visual representation of how I visualize the scents.

SixScents Series Three No. 6: “M”

If I could curl up in a cocoon of fragrance, “M” is my blanket. The animalic nature of it is intoxicating and deeply comforting for me. It is a collaboration between perfumer Yann Vasnier and the ladies behind Ohne Titel: Alexa Adams and Flora Gill.

“I started ‘M’ with a core of leather and an animalic feeling. Alexa and Flora spoke about their rebellious side when growing up, night clubs and late outings, the feeling of warm, slightly sweaty skin. I tried to recreate their attention to intricate tailoring, architecture of design, their care of detail, all these very feminine aspects using these strong and signature materials like cardamom, safraleine, and leather.” – Yann Vasnier Perfumer

SixScents Series Three No. 3: “Can’t Smell Fear”

Sophisticated electricity is what comes to my mind when I smell this very modern fragrance. If it is possible to bottle the beauty of the first few drops on pavement before a dramatic thunderstorm, “Can’t Smell Fear” would be it. That refreshing, metallic smell in real life is so fleeting, until now. And we have Natalie Gracia-Cetto and Junn.J to thank for creating it.

“I tried to capture some of Juun J’s childhood memories: the smell of the skin in a city with concrete and wooden buildings. I wanted to create a fragrance that provides comfort, that protects you in an urban somewhat hostile universe. I choose a leathery theme, comfortable and reassuring. It creates an olfactive aura, a comfort zone that protects against the city. I added some woody and floral notes to bring refinement, and some amber and musks to have a subtle sensual touch.” – Natalie Gracia-Cetto

SixScents Series Two No. 5: “Nicoll 17”

The moment I met with “Nicoll 17”, I was taken. What is appealing is the bright, green freshness, but also there is a sparkling ethereal power behind it that is unlike like anything else. Rodrigo Flores-Roux paired up with designer Richard Nicoll to conjure this lovely fragrance.

“This fennel infused scent is a simple, minimalist fragrance from a perfumer who enjoys maximalism. It is a scientific pleasure and a dream project for a botanist. Every single aspect of Florentine fennel as a garden plant and as a silvered delicacy in a summer salad was taken into account: its crisp texture of the opalescent green stalks, the earthiness of the roots, the airiness within it’s feathery leaves and umbrella shaped flowers.” – Rodrigo Flores-Roux, Perfumer