In following a Mary Katrantzou curiosity the other day I discovered another extraordinary visionaire along the way: Erik Madigan Heck. L’inspiration cup runneth over. There is much to say about both talents, so this begins the first installment of a mini blog trilogy. This editorial titled “Surreal Planes” conceived by Erik featuring Mary’s intoxicating dresses triggers fireworks inside my head. The common link for me in what they create is a dynamic sense of altered reality. When I see Mary’s work I become aware of two sensations happening at once: one is the experience of seeing a dress that is clearly a beautiful dress, and the other is what happens when I begin to see the beautiful, printed objects, architecture and interiors on the fabric, twisting as if through the world’s most extraordinary kaleidoscope. Erik’s artistry here has a similar effect with the decadent, color trickery that plays with surreal perspective (physically and conceptually) and a most wonderful mash-up of photography, painting, and illustration. I don’t know what is real and what is illusion – and that thrills me to no end. The final nugget I offer is a mention of the world’s most expensive magazine (around $6,500 per issue), which is the origin of this editorial: Nomenus Quarterly. And if you are curious enough about this and what sort of content may be worthy of such a sum, the NY Times T Magazine wrote a review which can be seen here:

In the event you don’t have $6,500 burning a hole in your pocket, fear not, as Nomenus Quarterly can be enjoyed free of charge electronically: