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Exhibition Magaine, Issue #2, Leather, Emma Summerton, Guido Mocafico, Richard Burbridge, Sølve Sundsbø, Serge Lutens, Willy Vanderperre, Jeff Rian, Edwin Sberro, Gael Hugo and Boris Ovini, Valerija Kelava, Chloe Memisevic, Equine, Horse

Wait no more for the much anticipated arrival of Edwin Sberro, Gael Hugo and Boris Ovini’s second coming of Exhibition Magazine. This issue features an immersion of all things leather that the imaginations of Emma Summerton, Guido Mocafico, Richard Burbridge, Sølve Sundsbø, Serge Lutens, Willy Vanderperre, and Jeff Rian can possibly bring fourth. “Leather is a commercial matter yet full of symbols and symbolism. It is iconic, timeless, intimate and generates plenty of fantasies.”

Sølve Sundsbø deserves all the worthy credit for the cover, but the images above are the luxuriantly dark revalations of Boris Ovini. Valerija Kelava and Chloe Memisevic are paired alonside some very alluring equines, yet perhaps the women are far more wild than the horses. It makes one wonder what the others have in mind…

Sigmar Polke, Richard Burbridge, Vogue Italia, Great Exaggerations, SubversiveThe visual alchemy of Richard Burbridge is his ability to transform something beautiful into something subversively sublime. “Great Exaggerations” which appeared in Vogue Italia illustrates an unusual elegance with a haunting color palette and striking make-up and styling. Particularly noteworthy is the artful attention on the eyes. One of his inspirations is the artwork of Sigmar Polke, whose work is similarly subversive and combines imagery from contradictory or unexpected sources. Included here are a few examples of Polke’s work. Of course not all of Richard Burbridge’s work is dark, but here he has created a mysteriously beautiful luminosity that has me spellbound.

More of Richard’s fashion, portraiture, beauty, and still life photography can be found at:

Dree Hemingway, Hats, Millinery, Philip Treacy, Richard Burbridge, Vogue ItaliaShips, planets, castles, animals, insects and yes, crustaceans. There are few subjects (real or imagined) that Philip Treacy cannot transform into fabulous, wearable sculpture. He is not a man with a pragmatic mind, as much of his work boldly defies the laws of physics. In this editorial featuring Dree Hemingway photographed by the great Richard Burbridge for Vogue Italia Glitter, his penchant for vibrant colors and radical materials is a clear testament to his dazzling brilliance.