Mary Katrantzou’s work mesmerizes me. I want to take it in like a Chuck Close painting: from far away and close up.  I’ve never had the pleasure to marvel at her work up close in person, but I have managed to come across imagery to satiate a little bit of that desire. The construction of the garments sometimes resemble the way armor works, but in a most feminine, fluid way. She fuses so much goodness in one garment: beautifully bold, explosive color and striking prints (closely cropped, abstracted, or geometrically aligned) mixed with textures and fabric that seem possible only in imagination. It has a wonderfully hypnotic effect on me and I see her work as fine art as well as haute couture. Spring 2012 evolved from structured architectural and interior inspired prints into explosive, sensual abstraction. Ms Mary’s talent talent has no bounds and I can’t wait to see what she does next.