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When 2 very good things conspire – Instagram and Nick Knight – magical things happen. Sprinkle in a flash of Cartier here, a little Katrantzou there, along with a tender fluffy friend for good measure and Nick Knight’s first ever Instagram photo shoot materializes. The refreshing abandon of careful retouching in exchange for clever web tools results in what is a true “live shoot”: all images were posted directly from camera onto Tumblr accompanied by Tweeted commentary from fashion director Alexander Fury. Hello innovation sensation!

Mary Kratzanou, Swarovski, Swarovski crystals, Fall 2012, Prints, Hyper color

Forget sugar, spice and everything nice, Miss Mary Katrantzou has other things on her mind: typewriters, spoons, and dragon flies! Ever dynamic with her use of prints, she elevates such everyday subject matter into beautifully beguiling games of “identify the object”. Hint: let color be your guide. Her highly technical, mobile constructions are marvels to behold in motion as she continues to reimagine the silhouette. Embroidery and embellishment affect quite a sensation (as Swarovski crystals often do) in conjunction with her signature hyper-toned color palette. Mary, have mercy….

Laziz Hamani, Harry Winston, Chanel, Cartier, Swarovski, Dior, Levine/Leavitt, llrepsUnless you’ve been under a rock (or maybe that rock sparkled so much that it left you permanently blind), you know the dazzling work of Laziz Hamani. He is trusted by the likes of Harry Winston, Chanel, Cartier, Swarovski and Dior to photograph their precious treasures with his special brand of curiosity and gift for capturing the beauty of beautiful objects. Above you see the memorable Harry Winston ad campaign followed by a delightful collage world of illustrated animals, insects and yes, more sparkling objects. His work is so worthy of exploring that I kindly suggest to begin here: