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One of the trends in digital innovation that is transforming the way fashion and luxury brands connect with consumers is through video. YouTube channels are just one venue where a brand can tell its story through a collection of videos a-la “behind-the-scenes” montages, artistic short films, or beautifully produced pieces on the creative process. A new, interesting incarnation of video comes from Van Cleef & Arpels in the form of a very elegant website trailer¬†introducing their freshly launched website. A delicately intrepid butterfly guides the viewer on a dimensional journey through the airy, intuitive website, touching on just a few of the iconic creations and relaying the ease of navigating through the content and legendary world of the Maison.¬†Discover the path of the butterfly below or directly immerse in the Van Cleef & Arpel world at¬†

Is the website trailer, or any of its companions, a powerful enough vehicle to increase traffic to a website or boutique – ultimately converting to a sale? Or is the value simply that it is an innovative way for a brand to more deeply engage and connect through storytelling? What are your views?