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A new identity in the luxury world is emerging. The modern, sans serif “Saint Laurent Paris” logo has made its inaugural appearance on the YSL Facebook page and the sentiments about it are clearly split. Not surprisingly, they mirror the response to the announcement in June that “Yves” would be dropped from the name for the ready-to-wear line.

“i think this is a slap in the face of one of the greatest designers that will ever walk this earth. yes, this was originally what he names his company but the fact that theyre changing it back and removing his first name post his death just seems straight up disrespectul. also, SL looks dumb, YSL is known worlwide and recognize instantly SL just doesnt scream luxury. this is a terrible idea and the ceos are making a huge mistake.”

“As long as the Cassandre logo stays, its fine. Any way this looks like the Rive Gauche label which represented modernity. Saint Laurent Paris represents the 21st century version of YSL and especially if Pierre Berge likes it, since he has more of a right than anyone to decide exactly what Yves Saint Laurent should be like.”

What will be interesting to watch develop are 2 things. First, what kind of modernity will Hedi Slimane present for the spring ready-to-wear collection given such an evolution of the logo? Second, should the malcontent continue, will the Saint Laurent rebrand remain? Perhaps there is an engagement opportunity here to win the critics over. Heritage is key, yet so is innovation – and YSL is clearly brave and bold in their pursuit of that balance.

What are your views?